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* 06/22/06 *

Well Folks we are down to just under 5mths... Its deffently coming quick indeed... Things are going well, at least as well as can be at this time...We are very thankful for everyone involved, especially our parents and families, for sure... and all those offering to cook something for the wedding and help however they can.


* 11/11/05 *

Well to start we are now *Officially* engaged. Chris proposed to me at Sidelines (Bar & Grill) last night, November 10th'05 in front of lots of strangers and also, Sue & Jim, Mom & Jut, plus Kathleen & Darren as well as his Aunts Cheryl and Arlene, and a few good friends of theirs. Cheryl got up and sang *From This Moment* and he asked me to dance ( Sue and Jim and Mom and Jut danced as well) and when the song was over he took my hand, grabbed the mic and on one knee asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes ( after threatening his life for doing it like that :*) ) and we got a bunch of congrats and hugs and everyone wanted to see the ring. IT was definitely a good night and a great way to start things for us. Thank you Chris, you are wonderful. From all I have gathered it took a lot of planning and rearranging and secrets to pull it off, but indeed worked.


Well the wedding plans are coming along wonderfully. We have a big guest list and even a friend hoping to come up from Clarksville Tenn. It is going to be a wonderful day and we are so excited to share it will all of you. Keep checking out the site for updates.

Well we are now down to less then 7 months and it feels like it. So much done and yet so much left to do. We have finished registering at the Bay and are going to head to Canadian Tire soon. Its crazy to think that time is going by so fast. We had a wonderful Christmas together with our families and Spent New Years downtown with Justin, Nat and Mark. Was a blast and am looking forward to the next many together.

I am so thankful for all of the love and support we are getting from our families and friends. Both Moms have been wonderful and we could not do this without both of you. We love you all bunches and more.

A special thanks to everyone helping out. We could not do this without you.