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All About Jackie

*Me a Long Time Age*



Me Name : Jacquelynn Elizabeth Marie Depape
(soon to be Gauthier)
Nicknames : Ducky, Jack Ass, Yacky Jackie
My Day: February 24th 1981
I was born in Lahr Germany.
Mom - Sandra (Sandy) Newell
Dad - Robert (Bob) Depape
I Love Frogs !!!
...and the colors
BLUE and Yellow.

What else I like :
Having fun (Downtown works for me)
Music, Music and Music

Spending time with people I like
(Though sometimes I have to spend time with those I don't !)
Chicken and Pizza (not together)
Just relaxing and being with Chris.

What I want for my Birthday : A new tattoo

Well this is supposed to be a place about me, so here goes nothing. I am getting married soon, not that ya'll didn't know this. Crazy thought indeed me being a wife. So many things have happened in life leading me to this point and I just hope that I can do everything I need to to become a great wife to me future husband, Chris. Its so amazing to think that its been only 10 months that we have been a couple. The most wonderful time in my life indeed. I love you Chris. I am glad that I am going to be your wife. But, I am not here to get all sentimental now am I. I am supposed to be boring all of you with my babbling.

So what else to say. Well I will be working at Minics soon. Gave up the daycare job though I am missing my kids lots. I don't do too much right now, but when possible I get out and about. I would like to go back to school one day... we shall see.

Well what else to say ... I have brothers and sisters ... A few of them ... Michelle, Justin, Andrew, Meghan and Lindsay. From 14 to ummmm ... Don't know how old Michelle is.