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All About Chris

Name: James Christopher Gauthier

Aliases: Lonewolf, Tasis, Blitz

Birth Date: July 27, 1982

Place of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Favorite Color: Black (yes its a color :P), Reds and Dark Blues

Favorite Foods: Yes (except if its green)

Interests: Reading, computers, role-playing (D&D), camping, hiking

Specialties: Computer networking, webpage design and basic program design.

Favorite Quote: " If you weren't born with it, you don't need it."

Thoughts on Life: Life is like a box of chocolates, may contain nuts.

My life in one word: WTF?

Summary: Well that should give you all the overview of who I am and what I am about. I know this page is suppose to have stuff about me, and well, like everyone, yea cant just write about yourself.  So what I am going to do is keep writing about why people like me cannot write web pages without a really defined subject.

As we all know it hard to get feelings down on paper let alone a page which I keep deleting every second sentence.  But writing about something that I like, for example making a web page that doesn't really pertain to me. Almost like changing the subject but not.  I know from deep thoughts and a lot of drinks, it doesn't take much for someone to come up with a half decent subject to write about, which from experience with friends that have been over at my house back in the day when I was the only person that wouldn't drink, I would have a good subject there, but would be able to write some very funny stories.

For people who do know, I enjoy reading fantasy stories, of all types.