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Sue Gauthier: Biography

Sue Gauthier took quite an interest in photography as a young girl and by age 13 was into serious photography under the guidance of her cousin who is a self-taught photographer as well.

Sue's other main interests are of course her family, husband and two sons, as well as community activities, and the preservation of our heritage. Her focus is on people, spending much of her energy helping others. Her intersest in community and people drew her to a great interest in wedding photography and photography related to community and cultural events. She has over 12 years experience as a professional wedding photographer and opened her business officially in 1990.

Sue also works on a contract basis taking photographs for real estate and automobile publications, animal adoption programs, product promotions, cover photos for CD's, etc. She is among the few photographers taking pet photos willing to do a home visit and spend the time necessary to make pets comfortable with her so that the photographs are of the highest quality. You can see the results, especially in the cat photos.

With her vast experience in professional photography, and willingness to travel, she is kept very busy. It is often best to book her well in advance although she always tries her best to be available at any time.

Please e-mail Sue if you are interested in booking information.